Moscow Calling US Press Reports

Press Reports from US Newspapers covering the “Moscow calling San Diego” Spacebridge

Coming to You Live: U.S., Russian Kids Exchange Ideas, Los Angeles Times, July 21, 1983
A U.S.-Moscow Hot Line for the Fun of It, Los Angeles Times, May 30, 1983
Curious George goes to Moscow, via UCSD satellite link, La Jolla Light, June 28, 1983
Russian Bear is Winnie the Pooh, Portland Oregonian, July 21, 1983
Soviet, U.S. Children Visit via satellite TV, San Diego Union, July 21, 1983
Moscow, San Diego kids meet by satellite, The Seattle Times, July 21, 1983
Kids talk film by satellite in SD-Moscow linkup, Escondido Times-Advocate, July 20, 1983
San Diego, Moscow kids watch TV together, Escondido Times-Advocate, July 21, 1983
Videocast USSR/USA, University of California San Diego News
Comrade Winnie the Pooh, Washington Post, July 21, 1983
From Russia, With Pooh Bear, Washington Post, July 22, 1983
Winnie the Pooh, Associated Press
Other Associated Press Releases

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