Section 6

The Great Hereafter

For reasons best known only to the Wizards of the 5th Dimension, the activities described in prior chapters of this autobiography did not end in an empty room ringed with empty whiteboards. Instead, collectively, the experiences of LCHC since its founding in 1971, have given rise to an international network of interconnected activities that include:

A continuing discussion, in the spirit of LCHC original discussion group, XLCHC (Xtended LCHC) is being conducted on the XLCHC-REDUX mailing list,

The Problem of the Environment: Vygotsky’s Relevance to Our World
Join Eastside Institute Director Lois Holzman and discover how Vygotsky can be made powerfully useful for social change makers around the world. Sunday, May 5th

A series of zoom seminars are available at
Readings associated with the seminars are located in the Library of Readings
1. Coffee Hour Workshops
2. Imagination and Creativity
3. Educational Futures
4. Utopian Methologies

If you would like to join the conversation on the email list, send an email to Bruce Jones, Please include your given amd family names, email address, and institutional affiliation. These will be used to subscribe you to the mailing list.

If you would like to review the discussion traffic from the xlchc-redux list without joining, you can do so on the group archive on google.
(Note: This requires having a google account, but not a gmail address)

Publications of Interest

Challenging claims of cultural deprivation as a career-long goal : Luis Moll, May 2020

The Wizard of the 5th Dimension as a utopian design tool : Mike Cole in conversation with Jaakko A. with Hilppö

Navigating Generative AI in Higher Education, Maria Falikman and Larry Todd Wilson, August 18, 2023.

Culture and Early Childhood Learning, Milda Bredikyte, Michael Cole, Penti Hakkarainen, 2023

Navagating and Clarifying CHAT: Culture as Medium, Michael Cole, October 10, 2022

Culture in the Middle, Michael Cole, 1995

Electronic archive of Alexander Romanovich Luria publications (Russian with some titles in English)

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