LCHC Participants: LCHC’s Pre and Early History

This represents an incomplete list. If you or someone you know ought to be included here or if you have more information, please contact Michael Cole.

Michael Cole
Mary Cross
John Dill
John Dore

Rapehilenee Banks
Denise Borders

Wade Boykin
William E. Cross, Jr.
Gillian Dowley McNamee
A. J. Franklin
Lenora Fulani
John Gay
Joe Glick
Laura Hines (1922-2009)
Lois Holzman
Mirjami Koivukari
Alfred Kulah
Terry G. Lacy
David Lancy
Charles Lave
Jean Lave
Ray McDermott
Mohamed Nyei
Rogelio Reyes (1931-2011)
Robert Serpell
Donald Sharp

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