Fifth Dimension Adaptations

La Clase Mágica

La Clase Mágica is a bilingual/bicultural adaptation of the Fifth Dimension model. It has primarily focused on working with Spanish-English bilingual children from Eden Gardens, a low-income recent immigrant Mexicano community in north San Diego County (PI: Olga Vásquez).


Mellon Consortium Project

The Mellon Foundation, which had mounted a program for the study of literacy, took an interest in the Fifth Dimension Distributed Learning Consortium (DLC). As a result from a grant with the Mellon Foundation in 2002, LCHC researchers were able to expand institutional partnerships, range of site structures, and the diversity of child populations served in their effort to create successful and sustainable educational innovations designed for implementation in the after school hours. Read the 3rd year report here.


UCLinks Project

UC Links is a network of university and community partners who work together to develop innovative after-school programs that bring underserved youth together with university students in guided activities that engage minds and make connections to students’ communities and the world around them. Read more at their home page.


SARAH-LCHC Fifth Dimension Collaboration

SARAH is a Brazilian non-profit network of federally funded rehabilitation hospitals and related educational training institutes. SARAH-Brasília, the flagship of the network, plays a multifaceted role in teaching, administration and the delivery of clinical services designed to foster knowledge and medical advancement. The clinical conditions most frequently treated at the SARAH Network include: cerebral palsy, spina bifida, traumatic brain injury, stroke, spinal cord injury, neuromuscular diseases and orthopedic problems. The LCHC- SARAH/Brasilia collaboration began in 2002. During 2006-2007 the SARAH hospital in Brasilia implemented a version of the Fifth Dimension (Co-PIs: Michael Cole & Lucía Braga).

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