Peg Griffin

Peg Griffin was born and brought up in Massachusetts. She left to teach language as a Peace Corps Volunteer in a teachers’ college in the Philippines, then as a high school teacher in New York. She returned to her own schooling at Georgetown University for a Ph. D., majoring in linguistics, where courses, research, and practical life made her think more about very young children and their language development and literacy learning. Subsequently she taught and researched at the Center for Applied Linguistics and the University of Southern California before settling in at the Laboratory of Comparative Human Cognition at the University of California at San Diego. Colleagues at UCSD nurtured and developed her interest in Vygotskian theories and collaborative work with psychologists in this country and abroad.

Although she was located in various countries and states at different times (Russia, Australia, England, Mexico, Alabama, the District of Columbia) and worked with other institutions (Alabama State University, Children’s Television Workshop, the National Academy of Sciences), she has maintained her affiliation with UCSD recently completing a two year stint in residence. To her continuing study of early language and literacy, has been added an interest in early science and mathematics learning, post secondary literacy problems, and the professional development of teachers.

She is now working in Washington DC, particularly interested in understanding group differences among adults engaged in learning about teaching, and the policy and politics that have an effect on work in schools.

Her work has been supported by funding from private foundations and state and federal government agencies and institutions. It has been published in books and journals for academic and more general audiences in English and some have been translated for readers of Spanish, Russian, Italian, and Chinese. She serves as a reviewer for publications and for grant and contract competitions and accountability measures in this country and abroad.

Selected Publications

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