The Velikhov–Hamburg Project (Velham for short) linked American and Soviet scholars whose research focused on how to use then-new PCs in elementary schools (See LCHC’s VelHam report). It was named after David Hamburg, then president of the Carnegie Corporation of New York, and Evgenii Velikhov, Mikhail Gorbachev’s science advisor (as well as a physicist, entrepreneur, and advocate of the American human potential movement). The VelHam project was designed as a mode of enabling international scholarly understanding and as a model of how to engage in joint scholarly research across tense political and national boundaries. The overall project was carried out in two broad stages, the first of which began in the fall of 1985 and ended in the winter of 1990. The second extended into 1994.

The Official Velham Report To The Carnegie Corporation:

Media Coverage:

Additional Resources:

  • A Precursor Project: Moscow Calling San Diego, 1983
  • An Analysis of a Problem and Its Solutions (Derek Edwards, 1990): Children’s Mail
  • Mirror Gazeta

Moscow Calling San Diego Video Program:

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