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Beginning in 2007 LCHC began a new form of university-community partnership activity that eschewed pre-programming activities for a process of mutual collaboration building. What we saw emerge was a reflexive way of collaborating on the design of activities that privileges and builds upon the already-established practices at the site, keeping clearly in mind the principle that the joint activity must be just as much “their” project as it is ours.”

Selected Publications

Additional Resources

Kids/buddies 2011 gardening
Dance activities at TCLC, 2010
Dance activities at TCLC, 2009
History of the Mural, 2009
States Project 2009
TCLC collage 2008

Ocean World Activity:

Day 5 Example, Condensed
2009 Activity Trail
Show and Tell
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Physics Telementoring Project (2009):

DH Circuits
Conduction of Electricity
Stop Action Animation

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