Beth Ferholt remembers Peg

I am inspired to write something by Margaret’s mentioning Peg’s magic. I remember her having dinners in my graduate student apartment at UCSD when my wife and I were new lesbian moms and didn’t know any other lesbian moms. She would come really to offer us support in our endeavor, support from an older generation. But over the dinners she’d talk to us about our child’s first words and record these. And talk to me about Bateson I was reading. And be open to hearing about serious dilemmas and responding with joy. When I said I wasn’t sure that I was smart enough for graduate school, she told me to never waste time navel gazing. This has really shaped my path. I tell the same to my doctoral students, now! Always a joyful, wise, Funny, practical metaphor for any dilemma! I think of this all the time when I am using the pots Peg gave us in CA. I miss her!

Beth Ferholt

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