Justin Moran

Email: jmoran@ucsd.edu

Autobiography web site coding and site management.

Undergraduate in Psychology, UC San Diego, ’24


I’ve always loved people. Despite being quite introverted and experiencing my fair share of social anxiety, understanding and helping people is where I aim to focus my life toward. I’ve also always loved expression of culture, and the variation found across the world. Whether it be music, social dynamics, education, faith, history, or language, cultures and the different people who steer and participate in them are fascinating to me.

When I had the opportunity to study in Los Angeles for a fall semester under Dr. Oscar Baldelomar, former student of Dr. Patricia Greenfield, I was incredibly excited. I had heard about his research regarding adolescent and emerging adult identity formation  in both minority groups and cultural groups in more traditional societies, and I wanted to get involved. Luckily, Dr. B is one of the most kind, capable, and enthused people I know. He has a genuine heart of compassion, and uses his resources and connections to help place young people who are interested in the field.

Before returning to UCSD, Dr. B encouraged me to reach out to Dr. Cole, knowing of his monumental impact in the realm of cultural psychology and my interest in how culture shapes cognitive processes. Initially, I intended on nothing more than introducing myself to this legendary figure and potentially getting an opportunity to pick his brain. Little did I know that he (and Bruce Jones) would offer me an opportunity to help out with LCHC.

At the moment, as I focus on finishing my undergraduate studies, I aim to be involved with LCHC as a web developer and content writer, covering the new projects that LCHC has undertaken in the past decade. When not studying or working, you can find me bouldering throughout SoCal, generally being out in nature, recording music, playing tennis, or back home eating my mom’s famous bolognese. Thanks for your time!

Climbing a route at Vital in Oceanside.

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