James Levin

Professor, Education Studies, University of California, San Diego

Email: jalevin@ucsd.edu

LevinJames’ research focuses on distributed learning and on ways to help people learn better using powerful distributed learning environments. He has developed several innovative models of learning, including the concept of teleapprenticeships. He has been studying “teaching teleapprenticeships”, instructional frameworks that allow education students to learn within the context of remote K-12 classrooms. He is currently developing multi-mediator models of learning.

Courtesy of UCSD Education Studies

Selected Publications

  • Levin, J. A., & Kareev, Y. (1980). Personal computers and education: The challenge to schools. University of California, San Diego.
  • Levin, J. A., & Boruta, M. J. (1983). Writing with computers in classrooms: “You get EXACTLY the right amount of space!” Theory Into Practice, 22, 291-295.
  • Levin, J. A., Boruta, M. J., & Vasconcellos, M. T. (1983). Microcomputer-based environments for writing: A writer’s assistant. Classroom computers and cognitive science, 219-232.
  • Black, S. D., Levin, J. A., Mehan, H., & Quinn, C. N. (1983). Real and non-real time interaction: Unraveling multiple threads of discourse. Discourse Processes, 6, 59-75.
  • Quinn, C. N., Mehan, H., Levin, J. A., & Black, S. D. (1983). Real education in non-real time: The use of electronic message systems for instructionInstructional Science, 11(4), 313-327.
  • Riel, M. M. & Levin, J. A. (1985). Learning with interactive media: Dynamic support for students and teachers. Laboratory Report 4. LCHC, University of California, San Diego.
  • Levin, J, & Kim, H., Riel. M. (1990) Analyzing instructional interactions on electronic message networks. In Online Education: Perspectives on a New Environment. L. Harasim (Ed.) New York: Praeger, 185-214.
  • Riel, M., & Levin, J. (1990). Building electronic communities: Successes and failures in computer networking. Instructional Science 19, 145-169.
  • Levin, J. , Riel, M., Cohen, M., Goeller, M., and Boruta, M. (1986) Reflexivity in problem solving: The social context of expertise, Proceedings of The Eighth Annual Conference of The Cognitive Science Society, Amherst, Massachusetts: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.
  • Levin, J. A., Riel, M. M., Rowe, R. D., & Boruta, M. J. (1985). Muktuk meets Jacuzzi: Computer networks and elementary school writers. The acquisition of written language: Response and revision, 160-171.
  • Levin, J., Riel, M., Miyake, N., & Cohen, M., (1987). Education on the electronic frontier: Tele-apprentices in globally distributed educational contexts. Contemporary Educational Psychology 12 254-260.
  • Levin, J., & Waugh, M. (1998). Teaching teleapprenticeships: Electronic network-based educational frameworks for improving teacher education. Interactive Learning Environments, 6(1-2), 39-58.


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