Beth Ferholt

Associate Professor, Department of Early Childhood and Art Education, Brooklyn College, City University of New York

Brooklyn College Bio

Selected Publications

  • Ferholt, B. & Nilsson, M. (2016). Perezhivaniya as a means of creating the aesthetic form of consciousness. Mind, Culture, and Activity, 23:4, 294-304.
  • Ferholt, B. & Nilsson, M. (2016). Early childhood perezhivaniya. Mind, Culture, and Activity, 23:4, 343-345.
  • Ferholt, B. (2015). Perezhivanie in Researching Playworlds: Applying the Concept of Perezhivanie in the Study of Play. In S. Davis, B. Ferholt, H. Grainger Clemson, S. M. Jansson & A. Marjanovic-Shane (Eds.), Dramatic Interactions in Education: Vygotskian and Sociocultural Approaches to Drama, Education and Research, (pp. 57–75). London: Bloomsbury.
  • Ferholt, B. (2010). A multiperspectival analysis of creative imagining: Applying Vygotsky’s method of literary analysis to a Playworld. In C. Connery, V. John-Steiner and A. Marjanovic-Shane (Eds.), Vygotsky and Creativity: A Cultural-Historical Approach to Play, Meaning-Making and the Arts, (pp. 163–180). New York: Peter Lang.
  • Ferholt, B. & Lecusay, R. (2010). Adult and child development in the zone of proximal development: Socratic dialogue in a Playworld. Mind, Culture, and Activity, 17:1, 59–83.

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