Robert Serpell

Professor of Psychology, University of Zambia

Selected Publications


  • Interface between Sociocultural and Psychological Aspects of Cognition (1993)
  • Serpell, R. & Boykin, A.W. (1994) Cultural dimensions of cognition: a multiplex, dynamic system of constraints and possibilities. In R.J. Sternberg (Ed.) Handbook of Perception and Cognition, Vol.12: Thinking and Problem-solving (pp. 369-408). San Diego, CA: Academic Press.
  • Serpell, R. (1995). Situated theory as a bridge between experimental research and political analysis. In L.Martin, K.Nelson, & E.Tobach (Eds.) Cultural psychology and activity theory: essays in honor of Sylvia Scribner (pp. 21-42). New York: Cambridge University Press
  • Serpell, R. (1999). Theoretical conceptions of human development. In L.Eldering & P.Leseman (Eds) Effective early intervention: cross-cultural perspectives(pp. 41-66). New York: Falmer.
  • Serpell, R. (2002). The embeddedness of human development within sociocultural context: pedagogical, and political implications. Social Development, 11 (2), 290 – 295.
  • Serpell, R. (2005). Optimizing the developmental consequences of education: reflections on issues raised by Michael Cole. Human Development, 48:217-222.


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